Mezcal Educational Excursions of Oaxaca

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Each mezcal excursion is personalized.

Each mezcal excursion is a personalized, custom-designed private educational experience designed to meet the wishes of: novices; ardent aficionados; industry professionals such as restaurant and bar owners and their staff; photographers and film production companies; and simply those visitors to Oaxaca who are interested in a real cultural experience, off-the-beaten-track, and un-touristy to the extreme.

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Visit the makers of this exquisite spirit.

We take our clients to visit the makers of this exquisite and complex spirit in their homes, in their quaint distilleries, and even into their fields, all as a conduit for learning about agave and mezcal (as well as pulque); and for buying.

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Learn about production methods.

Photograph, sample, ask questions, and learn about production methods beginning with the harvesting of agave. Understand why no two batches are the same, and why we believe that mezcal production is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly industries in all Mexico. But there are challenges for the future which we also discuss.

We believe in mezcal industry fair trade. We ensure that if our clients make purchases, it is directly from a select number of quality distillers, that is the owners of small, mom-and-pop palenques which typically have limited if any access to the export market; though in this regard we have been able to affect change through our tutelage.
Every centavo of your purchase goes directly into the pocket of the palenquero and his/her family, to assist with their living expenses, and with growing more agave for producing a quality spirit for all of us to enjoy and savor.

There is never, ever, any pressure whatsoever to purchase mezcal. However if you enjoy fine spirits you will be given the opportunity to buy (after extensive sampling of course) directly from the distillers, at a fraction of the cost you would pay back home, or for that matter at a mezcalería or other retail outlet in the city of Oaxaca or elsewhere in Mexico.
But to be sure, we have no vested interest in convincing anyone to buy mezcal, although it is noteworthy that by doing so the savings generally pay for your cost of the entire time spent on a distillery excursion.

Our team consists of two permanent residents of Oaxaca, each of whom is licensed by the government of Mexico and is a mezcal authority. We dedícate our working lives to mezcal and nothing else.

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Mezcal Educational Tours of Oaxaca

Our Oaxaca mezcal distillery tours take individuals, couples and groups for comprehensive experiences into the hinterland of the state’s central valleys and beyond.

We journey into the villages to teach primarily about the production of Mexico’s premier sometimes smoky spirit, mezcal.

We visit small, family owned and operated traditional distilleries (palenques as they’re known in the state of Oaxaca) which produce this fine, agave based spirit in clay vessels (ancestral distillation), and in traditional copper pot stills or alembics (artisanal distillation).


Tel: (951) 132 8203
Cel: 951.505.7793

Tel: (951) 132 8203
Cel: 951.505.7793