The Oaxaca Lending Library A.C.

The Oaxaca Lending Library has more than 20,000 books including audio books. We count more than 450 members who live in, or visit the greater high central valley of Oaxaca. We also have a small collection of used books for sale.
We also organize various events, both inside and outside the library, trips and talks about various topics of interest.

Dirección:Pino Suarez 519. Oaxaca, Oax. Mexico 68000

Tel: (951) 518 7077
Facebook: Friends of Oaxaca Lending Library
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Who Are We? The Oaxaca Lending Library was founded in 1966 and is one of the oldest continuously operating English language libraries in Mexico with a collection of 20,000 books and over 450 members.

Our Library inspires the joy of reading in both English and Spanish and the pursuit of knowledge for all ages, beginning with the very young. As a good neighbor, the OLL connects different cultures and provides a stimulating environment for social interaction and lifelong learning.

On Saturday mornings the Oaxaca Lending Library is a hub of activity. Children gather around tables to learn English using hands-on coloring tools, coached by volunteers and parents. Adults are in dyads to talk back-and-forth in English and Spanish, locals teaching visitors and vice versa.

The Library is also an extraordinary resource for jobs, volunteer opportunities, things for sale or wanted to buy. Workshops, trips and event posters cover the bulletin boards. A complete library of books, videos and CDs in Spanish and English are available, too. Along the edge of the room, young mothers hold newborn infants close to them, swaddled tightly.

Education is central to the OLL mission and extranjeros seem to enjoy supporting this while having a good time, too.

Current Board of Directors
Michael Pumphrey, President (term expires 2016)
Michelle Verduzco, Vice President (term expires 2015)
Larry Ginzkey, Secretary (term expires 2016)
Barbara Lyons Perez, Treasurer (term expires 2015)
Flor Bautista, Director (term expires 2016)
Tom Holloway, Director (term expires 2017)
Samantha Katz, Director (term expires 2015)
Shannon Sheppard, Director (term expires 2015)
Mimi Haberfeld, Director (term expires 2017)
Mary Randall, Director (term expires 2016)

Library Staff
Adriana Pérez Maldonado
Nancy Elizabeth Antonio Santiago

Oaxaca Lending Library, Piño Suarez near Llano Park.

Current Hours:
• Mon – Fri 10 – 2 & 4 – 7 | Saturdays 10 – 1
• Extended Hours (below) start October 17 & end March 13th
• Mon – Fri 10 am – 7 pm | Saturdays 10 am – 1 pm
• Closed Sundays and Mexican National Holidays

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